Superman - text

Hallo, liebe Zuschauer von Deutschland sucht den Superstar! Hier kommt der Superman!

Oh, I saw you once, on a saturday night
Oh, I was so strong, in the lazer lights
But I saw your smile and I saw your face
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby
When I looked at you in that smokey light
Oh, I wasn't sure, what is wrong or right
But you smiled to me, and you broke my heart
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby

I tell you: I'm your superman forever
I swear, we'll always be together
I tell you, tell you baby, that it's love
I tell you I'm your superman forever
Oh, please, never say never
Tell me, tell me baby, you can't get enough

Oh, I took my bike, and we went home
You said goodbye, and I felt alone
But I had your number, and I called you
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby
And now I'm waiting, that you'll call me
'Cause, baby, you're my destiny
I need your smile, you broke my heart
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby

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