Battle Memories - text

My memories

A herd of wolves attacked
on the narrow shore
The painful cries remain in my mind
In my memories

Breaking the enmy's rows,
proving the force
Strategies send the foes to die in the war
Razed bodies to the ground remain in my mind
In my memories

Crucial victories to the Britain's fate
In my memories
Can be found
Pictures from my life

My battle memories
Remain in my mind
My battle memories
My inheritance to the history,
The battles inhabit in my memories

Making (the) sign of the cross,
blessing the fight
Marching daringly across the bloody dye
Silence from (the) Viking horns remains in my mind
In my memories

Allied ti Rhodri Mawr and Alfred the Great
against the Nordics, beside the faith
I had an immense pleasure to fight
My battle memories will never die

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