Грому Палиці Коряві [Gnarled Cudgels of Thund.. - text

The hearse cloth weaved of rainIs coldening by mist of twilightBy the grey grim shroudIt shall flow from the skiesGrandeur of clouds started to rushTearing out to the fragmentsDeadly struck down into the groundGnarled Cudgels of ThunderUnstoppable rage of lightningFlashed by the cold shineBy the silver axe fiercelyCleaving the expanse of airGnarled Cudgels of ThunderBroke, crushed into piecesThe crucifixion above the Ancient Heathen Sanctuary, -Leaving the ashes only�Shame of dust be washed away by rainFrom the bloody scars of Land That was struck! Struck! Struck!By the Gnarled Cudgels of ThunderBut yet the rain tears can�t wash outThe disgrace of christian dominationAnd years of pain wouldn�t be crushedBy the Perun�s Gnarled Cudgels!

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