Bumpin Bumpin - text

Bumpin' bumpin'
Dancefloor is bumpin'

Rockin' in the club, catch me on an elephant
Young Kreayshawn grimey, but I feel so elegant
(Come with me tonight, spinning inside
Take me to the city, our bodies collide
I get high up in Ruby Skye, 1015, Mezzanine)

Bumpin' bumpin' bumpin', it's 1015
If you looking for me, I'll let you know where I'll be
A swagged up chick in the VIP
Don't come around playing got that chopper on me
These clubs fulfill all my wishes
One big room full of bad bitches
This girl want me she constantly taunt me
And in my club dreams, she always used to haunt me

[Hook] + [Bridge]

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