Rebellion - text

Take your diry neurones
And drown them in the lavatories
Bury your mummified past
In the vakuum of cemeteries

Grow your identical clones
In kindergarten's dungeons
Cure your hyperbolic drones
With high se**** functions

Tune your stereo brains
Into the 13th dimension
Mutate your rotting saints
In purgatory's extension

Speed up your circulation
In a dance with Deatg
Mental ejaculation
Will shoot you into Space

Rebellion is on
Rebellion is on
Go and break the rules
And make your own

Take your demented neurones
And flush then down the bogs
Smash your stinking past
Erase the curse of clocks

Rebellion is on
Revellion is on
Go and break the rules
And make your own

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