Love You to Death - text

I saw you in my dream
you seemed so lost
so far away,
and your eyes were
full of tears
as you turned your head.

You tried to speak words
I couldn't hear,
I reached out for you
but you dissapeared.
I keept calling you
all through the night
I woke up on the ground.

Sometimes the pain is so real
'cause the whole truth is not far behind...
I'll do whatever you say
I'll do whatever you want me to,
I'll give you a shoulder to cry on
I love you to death.

Enough of falling and crying,
enough of dreaming the same dream,
enough of calling the spirits in bed,
I love you to death.

The clock is running
and the time is right,
we ran a full circle
now, we're back at the start.
I sleep awake almost every night
you changed my heart.

Where there's no love
there's no reason to live,
where there's no dance
there is crisis to give,
enough of dreaming the same dream in bed,

Text přidal BlueAngel

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