Warriors - text

(1st Verse)
On the breaking of a cold grey dawn
Strap on armor, place helmet on
Join the legions marching across the fields
I'll never halt, nor will i yeild

Medieval passion, chivalry abounds
We are the knights with a killing sword
I thrive on anger blood and gore
Many have died as will many more

Bullets fly as bombs light the night
I take aim. my enemy in sight
The world is a war killing is my glory
Another page in my never ending story


Crying in the flood of never ending blood
Of mans eternal damnation
Solitary man fighting for his land, tyrants aggravation

The time has come for the warrior
Bloodshed dont for the Warrior
The masses they dread him, the gods have sent him
His killing never ending, he's the Warrior!

Text přidal paja65

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