Snowbank 101 - text

Living with disaster, and the Curse was done
40 below in the long cold night for fun
No time for warning, when the time arrived
Out of control, you know it's suicide

Racing with the devil, you know you're going to lose
Beware my friends. the crystal ball see's all

Snow Bank 101, Snow Bank 101

It's there behind you; you know youre going fast
Enticing and inviting, for your life to pass
You've got control, now resume your command
You're eyes met my eyes, now you are dammed

(Bridge 2)
Escape with you life you pay the price
Live out your life that you live for yourself
Escape with your life and you pay the price
And live out your life you fool you fool

Turn is really sharp; i got to make the grade
Driving like a madman, drive me to my grave
Burnt to a crisp, your body's been abused
Tearing out your eyes, you know you're born to lose

(Bridge 2)

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