A Vampire's 2084 - text

Waking from the rest
That had lasted 80 years
A kiss upon the lips from an angel on earth
Welcome to a world
Free of all disease
No more shall you be entombed
Cursed eternally

In my arms
I held her and so gently tasted blood
She couldn't understand the beast in me
And how I thirst for what's pure
Now I feel life again

I walked into a future in the city of dreams
The hour must be late
I see nobody on the streets
Churchbells sounding out
Loudspeaker calls a prayer
Someone in a uniform tells me not to move

With my hands
I took his life with the breaking of the neck
Once again I feast on the purest blood
Since the days of the crusades
Now I feel life again

Something does seem off in this new society
Crosses everywhere and a curfew is in place
What year is it? Who takes lead?
Soldiers of god coming after me
This must be how it all ends
Angels trick; I'm cursed again

This stops now
No more shall I live in infamy
2084 will mark the end of this vampire legacy
Now I'm ready for death

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