Coming Home - text

Your teary eyes
Don't you look so blue
Memories ones we've left behind
You know I'll always find my way to you

Can't stop the rain
Just hold me close
And though I've been so far away
The distance is closing and I’m coming home

The more we change
The more it all stays the same
I know you and I've seen your scars
Makes you that much more beautiful to me

And these four walls
They’re no home that I've known
Spotlights and never ending halls
I swear if you feel the same
Then I’m coming home, home
Yeah, I’m coming home

And still I see you
And still I see you

Stay with me (3×)
Oh, stay with me
Oh God, just stay with me
Stay with me
You are my home, home

And I’m coming home, home
And I’m coming home, home
And I’m coming home, home

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Video přidal Levottomuus

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