Under Ghosttown s Moon - text

Riding to old ghosttown
On my black black horse
I will find you tonight
Yeah this is your final fight

No no way you betray me
U little motherfucker I´m better
can´t you see
Fuck off with you lies
Oh baby, yes, you will die

Under ghosttown´s moon
Under ghosttown´s moon
(I´ll find you and I´ll kill you)
Under ghosttown´s moon

Tonight you will go down
Kill you with a single frown
For all you did to me
All the time just give in

I´m a better and much roughter
You dirty freaking blood blood sucker
I´m gonna put you away
There is nothing left to say

I´ll put you down
Six feet underground

Text přidala CocoCherry

Video přidala CocoCherry

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