Dream - text

The coloured sky
The painted moon and stars tonight, they shine, oh, (yeah, yeah)
The coloured sky
The far off worlds and wonders in your eyes, oh I, (yeah, yeah)
I wonder if I can make this last my whole life, I wonder, mm

It's in the wind
I hear voices there, they're whispering, woah, oh-woah, (yeah, yeah)
It's in the air
I feel the soft caresses of your care, oh-woah, (yeah, yeah)
I wonder if I can dance the trees to life, I wonder, oh

If I move my feet and move to the beat of the drums
If I close my eyes and let you fill my lungs
Will the oceans come ashore and dance with me?
Will the fires touch the skies and love the sea?

[Dream the rest, love]

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