Battle Zone - text

Wars fought for whores
Faith based on lies
Idea of eternity
Glorify the chosen ones

Fairy tales and illusions
Trinity and old prophet
Six points on the star
Twist the nails of truth

For lies and sins
They want to die
For them

Target battle zone
Burn and destroy all

Target battle zone
With no control

Shout with happiness
Open the heavenly gates
Enter salvation
And glorious anthems

Trance and ecstasy
Is not our enemy
Reverent generation
Exterminate the population

Brainwashed by the holy ones
They storm with genuine pride
To bring the victory
For unreal idols
But for whom really
But for whom
Everyone but the cheering
Folk with bleached brains and eyes

It is the ultimate solution
To annihilate population
Destroy doubtful ones
Eliminate them with saint guns

Objective is to exterminate
Objective is to eliminate
Objective is to annihilate
Objective is to obviate

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