Sons of Lies - text

From the edge of time,
Behind the walls of a world
We used to know
Lay the secrets of mankind
The secrets of our fate

Blinded by the trusted ones
Fooled by our brothers
Now we’ll be living free,
Tracing our destiny

We are the sons of lies
Fighting for our future now
Forever we’ll be free
From this theatre of lies

We are the sons of lies
Rewriting our future now
Forever we’ll be free
We’ll never trust your lies

Now, far from this world
We’ll live as one
Far from those lies

No don’t leave your hopes
You’ll have to fight
For the truth...Right!

Pain, clarity
Are hidden in our hearts

Future, hope
Will awake the sons of lies

In this world of lies,
We’ll look for answers
From the hatred of life
We seek for answers

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