Break the Chant - text

The words of the wizard
Flutter in the room
The obscurity falls while the sun is tall and strong

The words of the wizard
Like creeping snakes slides
And freeze the spirit and the Daeniel's mind

Break the Chant, Daeniel
Break the nightmare
Breathe the Light, Daeniel
Kill the Sorcerer

Roam the mind of Daeniel inside the dream of Power
Roam the spirit of Daeniel on the black ways of the Oblivion
The Force before the Life his spirit remember
To the memory's flash always follow the thunder


Solo : Alex

The heart burns in the breast
And the hand is firm on the hilt
The shining blade flies in the air
The black head falls down
And all the deceptions are crashed to the ground


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Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter 3: The Way of the Light


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