West Ghost (feat. Allen Stone) - text

Kissed my mother on the cheek
Told her that her baby girl’d be back in like about week
But just a week turned into months
And pretty quickly I was living in a city
Full of subway trains and doped up veins, it hit me
See the days I was faded on a front porch breathing in the mission air
That’s what I long for
Sometimes I’m homesick wishing I had never left at all
Racing through my mind the numbers I got left to call
Gone for a minute I was on tour, still the kids on divis smoking kron 4
Ahhh and now I barely have the lungs for it
But you can tell me when to go, I still go dumb for it
And even six drinks in 5 am
In Brooklyn what the fuck you think I’m thinking?
Remember back no real plans
All I did was dumb shit with my real friends

Seems like all I do is work and then go out & party
Feel it tugging on my shirt a constant sense of heartache
Just been kicking up the dirt on the road this year
In my new home, but I barely know it here
See things used to be simple
Kinda like my life was written all up in pencil
But now it’s spilling everywhere in permanent ink
Climbing up high but sometimes it’s harder to breathe
Ah don’t get me wrong I like New York
I like to stay up fucking late
I like to sleep on random floors
I like the feeling that it’s cold as hell, that I really am alive
Had a dream that I could make it, swear to god I really might
It’s just well I’m missing home
Friday night wonder where my friends have gone
Probably out to the old spot
Did they forget about me, well I hope not

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