Paper planes & SPITBALLS (feat. MC Lars) - text

Spitting spitballs back of the head
Kicking nerds in the butt till their cheeks turn red
Eyes glued to the clock so distracted
Don’t really give a fuck what my teacher said
Launching paper planes with wide ruled pages
How is it that forty minutes seems like ages?
Damn, five days a week
Passing my time picking on geeks
Wedgie in the classroom, swirlie in the bathroom
Better watch your ass when this bully come past you
Not known to be nice
Starting fights out by the racks made for the bikes
And I might take a fist to your face start to shite in your pants
You are frightened of damage I do with my hands
Like to be like Mike Tyson alright
Never met miss manners I’m mad impolite
This is life as the life of a math class clown
Turning smiles upside down
Curse words in the blanks of my scantron
8th grade rebel with a cause I am one
Got no fear of detention did I mention
One fight away from a permanent suspension
Get my kicks playing tricks on the bus
Cheat on every test just to get a D+ motherfucker

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