Hail Mary (feat. Danny Brown) - text

Maybe I'd be sicker if I had a higher bidder
And a wad of cash thicker than the fucking big dipper
Like to get big quicker, swig sipper I’m illiterately littering
The track, brain dead spitter
Told a joke cause my life's one too
Anybody know where I might buy glue?
Kinda bummed all my fun shit broke
My heart, my spirit, my art, my toes

Had enough to drink but I want a tiny shot
Of a little bit liquor to be washing out my thoughts
Yeah I'm hanging with the haves but I'm half have not
On an air mattress in a Flagstaff rat box
That’s code for a motel 6 see I know some tricks and a potent mix is a
Loaded clip full of twisted love and a dose of loneliness

It’s a bogus land, I got no demands just a croque madam in my open hand
Evil men gonna bleed me out gonna cut me down gonna vote for them
Fuck a lemon yeah I’m sucking on a glowstick
Only trust a smile about as far as I can throw itt

Don’t don’t don’t let me cry
I’m not a sinner
Don’t make me testify
I can’t remember anything
Hail Mary tell her that I wanna go back
Hail Mary tell her that I wanna go back

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