Boom boom pow KUNG FU - text

Boom boom pow, this is kung fu
Roundhouse kick: TKO, 1 - 2
Mama said to knock you out, so that's what I'm gon' do
Combat, mortal; you cannot press "undo"
Many enemies that I run through
Jump in my jumpsuit
Twisting your arm till you scream out uncle
That's a lung-full
I'm Michael Buffer, motherfucker: let's get ready to rumble
I see you over there, acting like you're never scared
But I come equipped with mad hi hats and kicks, so be prepared
Knock you with an uppercut
Make your toes move like you were doing double dutch
Causing such a fuss
I can smoosh all of y'all at will: call me Snuffleupagus
I'm batshit crazy: do you like Spacey
Stomping on your face till you're pushing up daisies
It's amazing to witness
Skull and some crossbones, I bring the sickness
Fork to your eyelid; I'm not kidding when I say that I might get
Real heavy hitting; call a medic: you should ice it
Bringing the pain till you say that you likes it (yeah, I likes it...)

Step into my zone
Get a dent put in your dome
Come across my path, you don't want to be alone

Yo, I'm a pacifist, but, when it comes to my music, I'm a masochist
Another day, another track, another ass to whip
Rocking teeny boppers 'cause they asked for it: I got cash to get
You don't really even know the half of it
Lyrical content? Got a stack of it
Resurrect beats like Lazarus
My mixtape, homie, pass that shit!
I'mma break it down and tell it to you straight
Concuss' your brain, have a bad headache
Stutter step: ankles might break
Heavy hitter though I look like a lightweight
My... right hook is a deadly weapon
Take to you to stairways, straight to heaven
Knuckles made of brass, fists so iron
Not Odysseus, but I'm hearing sirens

Step into my zone
Get a dent put in your dome
Come across my path, you don't want to be alone

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