In The Morning - text

Too young [x4]

Too young, Oh [x4]

Girl the night's not over (Oh, too young)
We're not getting older
They can chase forever
'Cause in the morning there's a million names to choose from
You don't care just take one
Leave a place to rest on
Because you're too young

Yeah you're too young
Oh you're too young
You're too young

Too young, Oh [x4]
Too young, Uh [x4]

There goes another moment,
Just wrap it up we own it
This night's a skill we hone it
And in the morning would you tell me that it's over?
You think that you'd do better
To stick with someone older
Because we're too young

Oh, too young [x4]

Too young
Yeah, we're too young in the morning
We're too young
We're too young in the morning

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