High Come Down - text

Baby, I know it might sound strange but,
But I, I think I've seen you in my head.
Not alone at all, the song entranced you on the stairs,
And I watched, I watched you girl I saw it all.

When I see you,
You make my high come down,
And I want to,
See you shake this whole damn crowd.
I won? waiting,
What I gotta do and be.
Don't you look so, chaste,
Baby, put your trust in me.

Lately, I want to watch you drink but,
Don't lie, think these pots? I play will work.
You're so alone at night, I get so tired inside this game.
Where I try, I try to keep myself, who knows why


Let's say, you gave me one last look,
So gently, you send a taste, I'll send you mine.
Still alone and all, the cold, it tricked you in my car,
And I drive, I'll drive it 'til the morning outline?


Text přidal Moonblade

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