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All the heavens of the world
Are you looking for anything?
Heaven with eyes bright green
Every day my eyes are older
I grow a bit closer to you

All the hats of the world
I don't'know how I wear a hat so much
Even when I run
The city can't see my eyes
Under the brim

I play a game of tennis
Passing violins are blind

All mothers of the world
A singer with eyes closed
Singer on the fifth floor
Your hats that I wear when you disappear
How could you see
That everyday I talk to you?

All the misters of the world
What are you looking for?
How can I escape?

All the cities of the world
What are you wearing?
I live on the fifth floor
Of the apartment building

What am I looking for in you?
How can I escape you?

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Julia Holtertexty

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