Zig Zags - text

[Intro: Juicy J]
Yessir... play me that spaceghostpurp beat mane

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
Ridin' in my black Bonneville bumpin' Three Six
Roll up 20 zig zags out of one zip

[Verse: Juicy J]
Ridin a ghost, Trippin on dope
Drankin the filth, Passin a roach
Ball like I'm Kobe, when straight to the pro's
White girls are money, bank on my coat
Higher than I've ever been, drankin some gin
Let the hoes in, tell em bring a few friends
Smoking on the top, ashing on you fuck niggas
Eye's low, pop a xan, I'm drunk nigga
Pounds laying around my crib Juicy J ain't never even touch
Shawty passed out on the floor and she only hit the cheese weed once
Ain't no chips ahoy but this nigga right here keep cookies
Keep some OG, you motha fuckin niggas know I ain't no rookie
Lye second, smokin hit a few times and you niggas be chokin'
She don't even hit the weed all she do is break it down and roll it
Anti-sober, if I was probably be trippy
One ain't enough I'm rollin up two a stitches
All my real niggas smoke one if you with it
All my bad bitches smoke one if you feel it

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
Ridin' in my black Bonneville bumpin' Three Six
Roll Up 20 zig zags out of one zip

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