The Saints - text

To those whose steps aren't steady
To those whose hearts are heavy
To those whose faith is all but gone
To those that struggle on, struggle on

Come and lay your burdens down
Come lift your empty hands
You are not alone, we are not alone
So, hold on

To all the saints that keep on praying
And all the children that keep on waiting
And all those that sing the Savior's song
Lift your heads up and keep on living
Hold tight to the hope we are given
For we know that we won't be waiting long

Can you hear the music playing
Can you feel the dream is waking
We are running towards redemption
We are never standing still

Through the problems and the pain
Through the striving and the strain
You are not alone, we are not alone
So hold on

He is coming soon, He is coming soon
He will take His bride, He will make her new
He is coming soon, He is coming soon to carry us home

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