Shine On Us - text

This city doesn’t sleep at night
At ten o’clock it comes alive
There’s 20 million people, then there’s me
A taxi driver every day
A lot of work, a little pay
Just looking for a way to find some peace

But finding peace
Is way too hard
When you’re looking in the dark

So shine, shine, shine on us
Oh God, we need Your love
These streets aren’t bright enough
Oh Jesus, shine on us

I’m sitting on this corner here
My dignity just disappears
With every coin I beg into this cup
No matter how much people pay
It doesn’t matter anyway
It never ever seems to be enough

The light inside
My heavy heart
Is getting way to dark

God above is full of mercy
Turning darkness into dawn
All you who are weak and weary
Lift your heads and sing this song

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