This Night Won't Last Forever - text

Everybody likes a celebration
Happy music and conversation
I'd be lyin' if I said
I didn't have the blues

In the corner there's
a couple dancin'
From the kitchen I
can hear her laughin'
Oh I wish I was
celebratin' too

I know (I know)
this night (this night)
won't last forever
I know (I know)
the sun's (the sun)
gonna shine sometime
I need (I need)
some hope (some hope)
for a bright tomorrow
To show (to show)
this heart (this heart)
is gonna mend just fine

So pardon me for my disposition
Wish I didn't have
to sit and listen
She's playin' the same
old songs on the stereo

She's been lyin' since
the day I met her
I'd be better off
to just forget her
Oh I would rather be
lonesome all alone



(chorus to fade)

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