White Heat - text

She's just a working girl from Baltimore
She'll choose you
She's been there
She's been there and back again
It's in and out
It's up it's down
It's a mercenary
And you get what you need
When you walk on the streets of paradise
In vogue in the streets
Yeah yeah yeah
White heat
In fashion
She'll take you home
She'll take you where you wanna get back to
You're sweet sixteen
But you'll be a man tonight
It's to the wall
It's to the floor
She's in a hurry
But you get what you pay for
When you live on the streets of paradise
In heat in vogue
Yeah yeah yeah
White heat in fashion
Hard cash
Wild passion
In heat
In vogue
In fashion
White heat
Cold passion
8th Avenue indecision
In heat on the street in fashion
In vogue in style
White heat cool looks hard cash
On the street
In vogue in style indiscretion
In trains in bars in heat
White heat
In vogue in fashion
Hard cash indiscrete wild passion
White heat in fashion
White heat in fashion
White heat in fashion
White heat indiscrete ignition

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John Waitetexty

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