Burning Eyes - text

running with the devil, racing thru the
years, staring in the face of death, had
way too many fears
tried to move the mountain, only moved
the air, only finding rocks and there are
windows everywhere
thunder in the evening, fire in the sky,
witches all around me, and I'm
powerless and high
later in the morning, sky is coming
clear, all regrets are gone, and Jesus
cries another tear

I found the answer in your burning eyes

floating with a shadow, tumbling thru
the wind, swimming in the light as if I
never really sinned

tried to find the rhythm, crying in the
rain, tried to fight the answer, but I
fought'em all in vain

I found the answer in your burning eyes

a day may come and shower you with
joy and happiness, the next day all you'll
see is pain and fear, you find your own
nirvana and it's not for me to guess,
but then you'll see it clear

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