Runaway - text

I've said all I can say.
And it doesn't seem to change anything.
It's meant to be this way.
I guess you have to lose everything.
Before you can appreciate.
What it is you had.
And I won't let this happen again.
Runaway from love, runaway from love go.
Go, just go.
Run away, just go away.
I've paid all I can pay.
And it doesn't seem to help anything.
I'll save it for a rainy day.
Sometimes nothing is everything.
Is this really my fate.
Living in the past.
And I won't let this happen again.
Just go, go.
Runaway from love, go.
Runaway, just go away.
What you needed isn't what I wanted to do.
There's no coming back.
Dreams are bleeding from all the lies coming true.
Wish I could take them back.
Run away from love, go.
Go, just go

Text přidal Moonblade


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