Perspectives - text

Yea, it's a new beginnin'
Hip Hop, one two one two
The Emcee

They say hip hop's fallin' apart
But that wont stop us from callin it art
Yea we gotta hold it down as a collective
And make sure that they see our (per-per-per-perspective)
They say hip hop's fallin' apart
But that wont stop us from callin' it art
Yea we gotta hold it down as a collective
And make sure that they see our (per-per-per-perspective)

Hip Hop ain't the same it's a shame they closed Rawkus
Disappointin' like the Knicks to New Yorkas
All I hear is a buncha lames 'n shit talkers
Wheres the Kanes, Rakims and Chris Parkers?
Real MCs, are damn near extinct
Last time I heard some shit was Built from Cuban Links
Just think, other than that, the rest of the shit stinks
Better work out the kinks before your ship sinks
Sip drinks, get crunk, shake your behind
That shit is coo but it don't stimulate your mind
Time to take it back on some '91 shit
The ?De La - Tribe? native tongue shit
Can't forget that Onyx 'throw your gun shit'
And of course you know you gotta knock that Pun shit
I come from a era where cats would just spit
Now after 2 bars I'm ready to press skip


I represent the last of
The dope MCs, that would never pass up
Any opportunity to rip your ass up
Don't let your mans and your fans have you gas'd up
You really not that nice, it aint hard the first week to go gold
When your label can cop half of what's sold
You can have the top 10 billboard spots

Keep that, either way I'mma still get props
The Emcee ain't got the throne naw not today
But I'm only bout 5 or 6 slots away, uh huh
I am the source being I'm that nice
Nas should've more than 3 and a half mics
Keep my craft tight, I know I can
No hit singles but I got die-hard fans
My instincts got me usin' the pen's ink
Not in a boy band but my flow is N SYNC (in sync)


On Golden Child tracks I'm at ease
To get my point across just like a trapeze
Stations chargin' flat fees
To get in rotation, you could put that in quotation
I said it, must be genetic
On the mic never bite my tongue
Give my pops all the credit
Corporate America can kiss my ass now
All they wanna do is milk the cash cow
Could care less if we end up deceased or in jail
Long as there's an increase in sales
I'm not a rap analyst, just a fan of this
Real hip hop from NY to Los Angeles
Matter fact, any longitude or latitude
Where they show the pioneers gratitude
And thats the attitude that seems most effective
But yo, that's just my perspective


Yea yea,
The Emcee got (per-per-per-perspective)
Golden Child got (per-per-per-perspective)
Kamel got (per-per-per-perspective)
Get your own (per-per-per-perspective)

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