Bow Down Mister - text

From Bombay to Bangalore
Al the Hindus know the score
If you wanna live some more
Hare, hare, hare
If you do not take the vow
You can eat the sacred cow
You'll get karma anyhow
Hare, hare, hare
Bow down mister
Hare rama, Hare krishna
Bow down mister
We say radha syam
Do the right thing with your hands
Lay down on the pleasing sands
Whatever else your faith demands
Hare, hare, hare
From Bombay to Rajastan
Nitai guara, radha syam
Hare krishna hare ram
Hare, hare, hare
In the desert Jahshamire
They put kun kun in their hair
At the westemers they stare
Hare, hare, hare
Paint a tilak on your brow
Open like a lotus flower
It's time to check your karma now
Hare, hare, hare

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