Jawga Boyz - "Chillin In The Backwoods" feat... - text

You know we've been
On the road now for a while
You know, it's been a while
Since we've been home
But we finally came back home
And now we're chillin' in the back woods
Chillin' in the back woods [x3]

D Thrash here on the mic
Gonna tell ya little somethin'
Bout a place I like
Yeah, we grew up in the backwoods
But we been on the road doin' shows
So, it's been a little hard missin' home
Been gone so long that I feel alone
I can't help how I feel, when I miss the place
I used to get a buzz off just a case
But, everything has changed
The Jawga Boyz have made a name
But I can't complain cause I love the fans
I love signin' shirts and love shakin' hands
And you hear how a song that I wrote
Helped them in life when nothin' was goin' right
Now it's time for me to go home
Light the bonfire and play this song

And we're chillin' in the back woods
Chillin' in the back woods [x3]

Everythings been so hectic since we been gone
But now we're back baby, home sweet home
Back in the land of the brotherhood
With my rednecks and homies and it's all good
Down by the creek, where the water flows cold
Same ol stuff and it never gets old
Chillin' by the fire while stories get told
And if we get bored then we hit a dirt road
I know where to go just to find my soul
And ya dig real deep in a big mud hole
Maybe take my son out with a fishin' pole
When ya in the backwoods that's how ya roll
So Imma take it slow and be a simple man
Cause at the end of the day, that's all I am
Spendin' time with my fam on all my land
And I'll pop this top and I'll play this jam

And we're chillin' in the back woods
Chillin' in the back woods [x3]

Man, I love it here in the sticks
And the sound of a southern rock guitar lick
Raised on country, southern rock
But I always loved a little hip hop
And we throw it down for miles around
Everybody knows when to come
When the bonfire's blazin' high, you can't deny
We're bout to have some fun
Got the trucks backed up
With the tailgates down
No cops around
We sippin' shine here, I don't mind
Take a swig of this
And lets shoot some signs
Yeah, no place that I'd rather be
Ain't nobody else that I'd rather see
So now it's time for us to unwind
Play that song for me one mo' time

And we're chillin' in the back woods
Chillin' in the back woods [x3]

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