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Sneaky Vs Selfish - text

Yeah, you know so I was with my homie and my mom one day
And we was getting some food
And mom decided to tell us a little joke
But shit it kinda stuck with me and hopefully it will stick with you too
She said that it was 9 men and 1 woman one time, hanging from a rope
That was attacked to something of course that was gonna fall
Everybody is getting nervous
And somebody gotta get out this muthafucking rope
So the woman being the woman
She starts crying being emotional, wahh wahh wahh
She tired of doing this, she been doing that, she den had 4 kids
I'm sick of giving up but fuck it
This what she say
So niggas being niggas don't give a fuck
Started goddman feeling good like "oh this bitch about to jump, she about to jump"
Niggas stared fucking clapping
So come on bruh, you know what happened to these niggas
And of course you know what happened to her
So all I got to say is "Fuck these bitches bruh"
Real nigga shit

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