Grace - text

I wanna eat you alive
I wanna step inside

I wish to fulfill your fantasies
I wish it was just you and me
We walk the rowded market streets
Down below the serpent sleeps
Spread the eagle, disease, will fly
Death don’t sing no lullaby
Bread knife in the heart, rub and die
Murder in your fucking eyes

Wartime fantasies, sleeping with your enemies
Wanna hold you
Wanna fuck you
When you down on your knees, praying for the disease
Wanna kil you
Wanna fuck you

We fight
Against the day

I wish I knew all your fantasies
I wish that I could set you free
Wake me from this brning dream
Deep inside the fever stream

Hold me tonight, hold me tight
Blood spills over shirts and light
Serpent’s eyes shine in the night
We slither on the edge of life

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James Coletexty

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