The Light Of Day - text

I woke up into day light
Wishing I was far away from here
In a place where no one
Even noticed if I disappeared

But I still hear the distant ringing that pulls me back
This is the moment when the world begins to shake
The point where everything changes
And I won't go back

The faders placed a marker in the road
So I will leave this space for good
And I won't turn back

This could be me, this could be you
In the end, the end, the end, the end, end
All this sailing, all this sailing, all this sailing away
I'll be that change and I'll be life changing
And watch it drift away

Still trapped below the fallen stones
Under the water

Lie here watching the rain fall
Till the sun disappears
Flesh and blood we were made of
Back in the world we belong

The light of day
Tthe light of day

Maybe we'll fall down
The light of day, the light

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