Cutting Words - text

The silence here is deafening
Pouring fuel on an open flame

Something's going to break if we can't learn to bend
New wounds atop of old
We never seem to mend

The face of fear has come to me
Whispering threats and jealousy

What is and what could be we may never see
Tomorrow hides and holds our destinies

You're killing me
I'm killing you
Will vengeance pay the debt we're due?

With cutting words I run you through
Stoke the coals till we're consumed

Each morning brings a chance to change and be renewed
We've got to stop the bleeding of souls torn in two

'Neath the sea of memory all is laid to rest
The sword that once divided sleeps beneth the depths

The winds of war may rise but will not resurrect
The weapons of our hatred
The poison of our lips


Hatred is our enemy
We must learn to let it go
Forgiveness will free the soul
We must leave the past behind

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