She's Gonna Get It - text

she demands with these eyes,
she's by far the baddest devil in disguise,
the campagne that she pops,
she is pouring it out and she never stops
till she finally gets what you got

She's gonna get it.

you're in charge- no you're not
She already possessed all the sense you got
And your brain- it is gone
She has taken it all without doing wrong
And you never know what's going on.

She's gonna get it.

one single blink of her eyes
Makes you melt like a pie on a hot summerday
when the sun is shinning
sometimes you do things
you do not want to but you do like what she does to you.

She's a freak than she's nice
she is laughing and smiling and then she cries
she will do what you say
but remember the stakes in the game you play,
She will take'em from you anyway.

She's gonna get it.

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