Trial And Tribulation - text

Strength, comes in time.
The strength to push me through these days,
the strength to find an epiphany.
I have learned these things from barriers,
trial and tribulation.
And running from, the crumbling edges
that present themselves on our paths in life.
I will survive.
I know that everything I have in my life
is from those who truly care or resent me.
Life, is so eventful, and the things we learn.
This is sadly something some may never (some however), know.
I am thankful for everything that I have (to give).
It gets so frustrating when people build walls,
can we tear them down?
We can tear them down.
We need to find the strength inside ourselves and open up.
We need to find the strength in side ourselves to tear these Walls down.

Text přidal DomikLesik

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