The Chemistry of Restlessness - text

Tice blue pearls
The terror of the kiss
You're the reason I'm high
Presence of guilt, the meaning of bliss

Forever enmeshed
So sweet this is
It's the chemistry of restlessness
A dream in bone white

Cyanide to the soul
This instant hunger
It's the chemistry of restlessness
All bound to the soil
The soil of the heart
I'll be there waiting for you
Will you come? Breathing you
I'm flying, searching...
It's a matter of seconds
A matter of years
I am, if just for now
A better man for your priceless smile

If not this what will make me last?
I take all the blame, after all I invited it in

Cyanide to the soul...

I'm falling, searching


Cyanide to the soul...

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Through the Flesh to the Soul


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