Win The Fight (Zedd - Stay The Night) - text

I'm calling mid in champ-select
If you saw my runes then you'd object
I'm hugging tower, farming wraiths
You're not worth my time

Bought Lucky Pick and Philo Stone
They saw my build, my cover's blown
I'm pressing "R" to help the lanes
So don't tower dive

Are we gonna win the fight?

Are we gonna win the fight?
I'll just "Teleport/Revive"
So let me carry you tonight

Already hit level eighteen
No one's farming as well as me
Deathcap, Void Staff and R.O.A
Hardly had to try

My damage is higher than the sky
and if you manage to survive
I will press "R" and end your life
There's nowhere to hide

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League of Legends Parodies, Volume 2


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