In Love With Teemo (O.T. Genasis - CoCo) - text

Im in love with the Teemo
Can’t keep it on the low low

Heading top, flying solo
Laning against me drives you loco
If youre mad then go blame Rito
MIA like finding Neemo
Buying pinks? ya, that’s a no-no
I’m short so call me Frodo
And im cute like a poro
1v5ing imma' yolo

I got mushrooms for ya
Walking through the grass
But you aint walkin fast

I don’t care bout my elo
He’s my Stitch and I'm his Lilo
I first pick him they say oh no
Hit and run they call the po-po
Pop that shroom then you go slow-mo
I’ll cheese you like cheeto
Blindin' you like a photo
Legendary like a Ho-oh

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League of Legends Parodies, Volume 5


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