Lord of the Machines - text

slowly quite slowly struggles
a word of thirst out of his mouth
slowly quite slowly opens
itself a backyard's door
out on the masonry
serving machines lie in wait
and a dead plumptree rips off
the passing by dog's tail

slowly quite slowly it dawns
a boy is swallowing
slowly quite slowly the bones of
the right little finger of his father down
the door in backyard closes no more
the masonry was just a set
the nightwatcher movie a wild slaughter of
ancient sewing art in known lands

the nightwatcher isn't interested in that no more
while the interested do not watch the night go on

and the tree - as you will see
it is now lord of the machines
and they are - away too far
they're sewing a black stole for it
slowly - you always watch the winter passing by
slowly, slowly - the winter's passing by

the dogs they are no more
have eaten too much plum
the boy is also nearly full
his father - the nightwatcher -
he isn't interested in
he's rather not thirsty
with the nails of sewing machines
in his mouth no dogs will bite him

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