Power Symphony - text

I, how many times I try to fly
I flown with the dreams in my mind
And now I know
What my aim and my destiny were
I, how many times I had try to fly

Searching my way in my life
Nobody know what is my face and my task

In the darkness of your mind
Always live at little light
Wisdom will be your sunrise
It's a dream that never die

Anonimo, I fly in the sky
I ride the stars of heaven
And nobody know what is my destiny
The theatre of the opera
Today has find his leading actor
It's time to stage your dreams
To play with madness and to kick your fear

I, how many time I tried
I try to fly high in the night
Nobody know what is my place in the sky

I, how many times I had try
Ramagin my pocket for happiness
Without I know what I was going to find

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