Drop of Dreams - text

Daring thought is senseless
Pleasures fade in pain
Winter night seems endless
Any hope is vain

Darkness froze my Heart.
Shadows took my Soul.

Song is My Shore
Tune is My Bliss
Poet's Soul Soar
Out of Abyss

Dusk falls around
Like frozen shroud
In sombre void

Cold dreary night
Pale eerie light
rouse visions...

Drop of dream
In cold world
Gleam of Hope.

Ray of Light
In Dark Night
Breath in quiet

My fallen soul
My frozen heart
Drown in dusk

Mental demise
In world of ice
Can you feel?

Last gleam of hope
In endless dusk
Last gulp of breath
In world of Ice

Why give up
Your Drop of Dream?
Let it die
bury in ash?

Why shall you
Leave it behind
Let if fade
Why you don't mind?

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Drop of Dreams (EP)

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