Smoking Lies - text

Who exactly should we be?
What exactly should we do?

Drowning in this shiny, perfect world
Choked from the sweet toxic smoke
Melting in this fake, jelly reality
We are swallowed by the filthy society

Suck the truth out of the humanity
Break their rules, smash their sanity
Breathe fire,smoke their lies
Fall higher break their walls

What? What exactly should we do?
Just give up or try harder?
Who? Who exactly should we be?
Warriors or fucking cowards?
Where? Where exactly should we go?
To the dawn or to the sunset?
Who? Who do we have to listen to?
Ourselves or corrupt idiots?

Sleep walking through the fog
Every step deeper in the filthy mud
Blinded and enslaved by our toys
We ignore the smell of our putrid souls

You’re part of the game!
Part of this game!

Wasting every minute doing nothing
You forgot once you had a dream
Your life became eating and sleeping
Congrats! You’re part of the game!

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