Endless Stairs - text

My face,my face is numb
Just like a zombie ,like a zombie
I failed, i failed again
I should have known it!

I don’t know what is next, i don’t know what i want
Waiting to be written, waiting to be told
I can’t stand the infinite pairs of eyes glowing in the dark
I can’t stand the million granules of disappointment in my life

Feeling like a rat - endlessly running in the wheel
Trying to catch the time - and holding it, trying to feel
Trying to taste the light - still being friends with the darkness
Lost and confused - i’m looking for a sign in my bag of failures

I’m trying!

I’m tying to wake up the sky
With my bitter taste of coffee
I’m trying!

Tired of staying speechless in the dark, dark corner
Tired of tasting nothing but bitter and sour
“ tired of screaming under my breath”
Tired of this endless pain in my chest
How can i find my way out from these endless stares
I need to find my way out from this heavy dress
I just want to be a flower, swimming in the sunlight, begging for water
I just want to be a tree, stretching up to the sky, carelessly dancing

Drowning deeper and deeper in my own tears
Trying to open the door of hope with no keys.

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