Through Hell to Paradise - text

We knew this time would come as soon as the fire began
I could prepare my soul but couldn't blind my heart
Carry me home, just carry me home

I only hear her voice, echoes in my mind
Despite the duty calls, you promised us your life
Carry me home, please carry me home

Strong remorse is hammering
Like thunder in my brain
'Cause I leave you all behind

Now hear the battlecry
We know our time has come to die
The dragon roars inside
Face no tomorrow
A field of fireflies
Embrace my flesh and take my life
Through hell to paradise
Tell them I love them all

I called myself a man, the mirror can't agree
A father on the run, the only thing I see
Carry me home, just carry me home

So take my bones from dust if anyone still cares
Should made my final stand protecting them from hell
Carry me home, please carry me home





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