Glistening Truth - text

Raise your look and wonder upon the holy might.
The secrets imbedded deep within-unknown to every man.

The journey goes on forever.
You’ll never reach your goal-of the unknown!
But still you can’t let go, you want to know…
The distance scares us-no matter what it looks like.
We have always been fed-to believe.

Somewhere sometime, maybe we will find out
Our dreams are revealed, beyond the unknown.

Beyond the unknown-where no borders exist.
Beyond the unknown-how could we persist?

Somewhere sometimes….

Beyond the unknown….

Raise your hands in a desperate try.
Maybe we are all forgotten, depraved of our knowledge?
Or will we be judged when the day comes!

You will never reach your goal of the unknown…

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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