Malicious Moon - text

Nemus obscurus – Umbra crudelis
A frightened lad stumbles through a creepy forest
strepitus consternata – ventus mordicus
Biting cold pervades his fragile body and skin

Staturae exulatae – Ocularis ruber arsi
Anguish and affliction curdles his blood slowly
Lupae frendere – viam intercludiunt
Hopelessly he´s searching for a releasing way out

The reaper breathes down his neck
grins impishly fair in the face
dashes his scythe sinisterly
Smells the childlike innocence

Portenti aggredientur – Luna plena lucida
Razor- sharp teeth biting into his flesh
Commutatio incepta - dolores indeprensi
The quest is over, he is the chosen one

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From the Chalice of Dreams


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