The Moment Explodes - text

The engine stops, the plane drops, the moment explodes
A sudden rush, a rude hush, and the moment explodes
The moment explodes

Into thoughts of all the things I've left undone
And flashes from a life I've just begun
Every friend I ever knew or thought I did
The love that I could give, the love I hid

Every stupid life before your eyes, cliche
Could I please go out some less expected way?
But now I'm alive or dying, crack those codes
When the moment explodes

Staircase dips, the foot trips, the moment explodes
The dark world curves, the car swerves, and the moment explodes
And the moment explodes

It reaches to the future and the past
To every moment ever, first or last
And every life I reached, I could not touch
And everyone I loved, or loved too much

And every chance I took or did not take
Connections that I made or did not make
But I'll never take those turns to other roads
Once the moment
When the moment
When the moment

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